U9 visuelle Allianz

Clear and concise: Apart from the idea, the subject matter serves as the focal point of every successful communication/marketing campaign.

A construction site can be a beautiful thing.


Kalte Schulter für Corona (Giving Corona the cold shoulder)

Vaccination campaign featuring statements from Offenbacher locals

Offenbachs großes Herz (Offenbach’s big heart)


Don’t test this car.
Or you’ll get addicted.

Campaign for Abarth Germany

Die Zukunft ist im Eimer. (The future is in the bin.)

Organic waste campaign 2017


Campaign and a social streetwear label for the Frankfurter Jugendring (Frankfurt Youth Ring)

Fundraising campaign

for the Hafen 2 Cultural Centre

Du und sozial?
(You and being social?)

Campaign for the Evangelische Hochschule Darmstadt (Protestant College of Darmstadt)