U9 visuelle Allianz

Corporate design is what shapes the public face of your organisation, communicating its principles to the wider world and ensuring recognisability. That means it has to be easily reproduced on all different kinds of media. Here too, the motto has to be: it helps to look good.

Artefakt Produktdesign

Evangelische Hochschule Darmstadt
(Protestant College of Darmstadt)

Stadtwerke Offenbach Unternehmensgruppe

Sarah Sorge

The OhOhOhs

FAN – Frankfurter Alleinerziehenden Netzwerk (Frankfurt Single Parents Network)


Deutsche Optimist-Dinghy Vereinigung e.V. (German Optimist Dinghy Association e.V.)

Apotheke zum Löwen (Lion Pharmacy)

Michaela Wiesbach

Physiotherapeutin, Ardez (Physiotherapist, Ardez)